Cornish artists

Cornish Artists – Paintings from the Heart.

Cornwall has a long history of Cornish artists that have been fascinated by the beauty of the Cornish coast, and the quality of the Cornish light. The wild Atlantic ocean has shaped the coastline in to a mix of rugged cliffs, headlands and sheltered coves.   When lit up by the sun, especially throughout the winter months, these dazzle with majestic beauty. So inspiring are the combination of these elements that for many years artists have been drawn to these shores.  There is an inner awe, a cry of wonder sounding through their chosen medium, be it stone, wood, paint or clay.

Cornish artists have a reputation for capturing that raw elemental voice of the human soul that many feel when faced with overpowering visual stimuli.  Those moments when we glimpse a wider perspective of our lives and the world around us. It is this underlying passion that runs through the veins of the most successful Cornish artists, and sets them apart from the norm. It touches something at the very core of our humanity.

As a Cornish artist I aspire to follow in this tradition of truth telling.  Responding impulsively through paint. Developing this relationship with the oily paste in all its hues.  Getting to know her characteristics and learning to work with them to serve my goal as an artist, it’s an ongoing journey!

At the end of it all I want to make something that’s alive, more than a painting, true art must live. It must take on some of the life and emotion that comes from the artist. I want to leave the viewer with more than a cheap visual thrill, but with an encounter.  Ultimately an encounter with truth.

Cornish artists -painting with passion. Capturing something of the beauty of Cornwall and the Cornish coast. Becoming vulnerable as the artist, exposing the heart response on a canvas.

Paintings from the heart.

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